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Apps from Shopify to integrate social media platforms that your online shop must have in Australia  

One of the biggest benefits of using the Shopify ecommerce platform is the fact that is has the best App store in the business. And everyone knows that the apps are of great help when you are trying to add functionalities to your ecommerce, however there are also a lot of apps there that can help you sell more that you probably haven’t heard of before.
Social media platforms are a great way for you to make your business seen and for you to reach new audiences and thanks to the fact that Shopify will allow you to integrate your ecommerce with some of the best social media platforms you can take advantage of this trend. Another thing that you should take advantage off re the apps from Shopify to integrate social media platforms and today we are going to talk about some of our top picks for your business in Australia, so make sure you keep reading to learn more about them.

Trust My Store Social

If you are after the perfect app that will help you promote your products on a bunch of different social media channels, then this is a great app for you. It offers over 13 different services, but what it does best is allowing you to sync all of your products in your online store with the social media posts on all of the social media platforms that you have chosen to use. Promotion, and timely promotion at that, is key in this day and age of online retail and having an app like that will really help you out. Promotion is one of the easiest way to get people to notice your business and also to get them to like your products, so this app is really a good one for you to try if that is a goal of yours.


Since social media is where most of your customers are, that is also where you need to be. One of the apps from Shopify to integrate social media that you need to use for your business in Australia is the Cartback app. This app will make sure to contact all of the customers that abandoned their carts, and it will contact them on their social media profiles. An approach like this is something that will really lower the cart abandonment rate that you are experiencing, and ultimately it will help you get more sales overall. This is actually a Facebook Messenger remarketing tool and it will basically allow you to reach all of the customers that are already interested in the type of products you sell, so the chances for you to sell more are actually pretty high.


If you are using Instagram for your business in Australia, then this is an app that you have to try out. Instagram lest you showcase different pictures in one location and you will  get more followers based on how well you can take pictures of your products and how well you are able to organize your feed and how creative you can get. However, doing all of that can be quite a challenge especially when you are running a business, and that is where Instashow comes in.
This app will basically create your feed from scratch for you and it will also grow your feed for by using the products that you already have posted on your Shopify store. If you don’t believe that it could be that easy, then you definitely need to use this app and see it for yourself.

The suggestions that we gave you above are only a few of the amazing apps from Shopify to integrate social media that would work great for your business in Australia. Hopefully, this article has encouraged you to check them out and you may just end up finding even more options for your own ecommerce business.

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