Three hacks that will help you get the best deals online

Three hacks that will help you get the best deals online

Online shopping means no waiting in long queues for a changing room or having to go through massive piles of clothing to find the right size. Plus, the option means you avoid all the hidden tricks stores use to make you spend more than you planned. However, online stores aren’t without their tricks, and if you are not careful, you might quickly end up becoming a victim of exploitation. To avoid falling into their laid down trap, here are three proven hacks which you can efficiently use to get the best deals online today.

 Abandon your online shopping cart

The online shopping process can be divided into two stages. First, you as a shopper will visit a site and pick all the items you like and add them to your cart. Then, you will proceed to confirm your orders and make payments, and here is where you should pay close attention to.

Ideally, to end up getting the best deals online, leave the items in your virtual cart for one or two days or weeks before returning to confirm your orders and make payments. This delay will show the stores that you are contemplating a purchase and in the process push them to entice you with a deal.

 Take advantage of social media

Many online sales usually happen unannounced and being a social media junky; you can easily beat the suspense. If you are on Twitter, for example, you can create a separate handle specifically for following deal hounds and savvy bloggers. Watch and see when they post tweets about specific brands and upcoming promotions. A cluster of #coach tweets should give you a hint of which brands to pay particular attention to and when to expect a sale.

 Use online deals as leverage when bargaining

Detailed research can quickly help you save a lot of money, especially when buying online. Let’s say you are in Chicago browsing earrings. You find one that you love, but it is not on sale. Experts’ advice that this is the perfect time to get your smartphone and see the earring online for a better deal but not to buy it. Instead, use the opportunity to directly speak to the store manager and ask for a better deal using the facts you have at hand. If all goes well, he or she will most likely match the price and give you an instant discount.

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